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Zoesis Studios Awarded $2 Million from Federal Advanced Technology Program

Two-Year Grant Will Fund Research in Advanced Interactive Characters

NEWTON, Massachusetts (October 8, 2002) - Zoesis Studios has announced a two-year, $2 million award from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The funding will be used to develop, integrate, and test new language processing, artificial intelligence, and graphics capabilities for richly interactive characters that are expressive and appear to be intelligent and understanding of the human viewer and user.

The project, which builds on technology begun by the company's founders a decade ago at Carnegie Mellon University, will lead to more realistic and emotionally powerful interactive characters that can be used for entertainment including computer games and interactive television content; greater productivity in advertising and sales; more friendly user interfaces; and better simulation and training tools for use in educational, industrial, and military contexts. The Zoesis award is one of 40 grants selected from 472 proposals submitted to the ATP's 2002 Batch 1 competition. Further information about the Zoesis award can be found at www.atp.nist.gov/awards/00005225.htm.

About ATP The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) is part of the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The ATP invests in risky, challenging technologies that have the potential to benefit the U.S. economy. ATP awards are made on the basis of rigorous peer-reviewed competitions. Selection criteria include a project's innovation and technical merit, its potential economic benefit to the nation, and the strength of its commercialization plan. Since 1990, ATP has granted 642 awards chosen from 5,541 proposals. Further information about ATP/NIST can be found at www.atp.nist.gov.

About Zoesis Studios
Zoesis Studios, located in Newton, Massachusetts, was launched in Pittsburgh in 1996 when Joseph Bates, a senior professor of Computer Science and Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University, founded the company with three Ph.D. members of his research team and several key artists. The company moved to Boston in 1997, where it continues to develop its unique artificial intelligence-based technology. Further information about Zoesis Studios can be found at www.zoesis.com.

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