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Zoesis Releases Ground-Breaking Interactive Personality Animation

MrBubb.com comes one step closer to bringing characters to life

NEWTON, Massachusetts (March 6, 2002) Zoesis Studios today launched Mr. Bubb in Space, featuring an advanced, limbed interactive character. Mr. Bubb, who can be seen at www.MrBubb.com, is a major leap forward in character animation's century-long dream of creating "the illusion of life." Zoesis Studios is an award-winning high-tech studio dedicated to giving interactive characters functioning minds of their own, for application in entertainment and advertising.

Pattie Maes, professor at the MIT Media Lab and an expert in artificial intelligence and interactive characters, says, "Mr. Bubb is the most engaging interactive personality I have ever seen on the Internet. Zoesis has an original and powerful approach that's enabling them to get closer and closer to fulfilling the dream of making a convincingly living, interactive animated character."

In Mr. Bubb in Space, the user and Mr. Bubb engage in cooperative play. The unique element is Mr. Bubb's emotional life: his feelings about the game and his social interaction with the user. He appears intensely aware of the user, the game, and the score, and he expresses his feelings through his movements and facial expressions.

www.MrBubb.com requires a Windows system with a Pentium 200MHz or better. No special hardware or plug-ins are needed.

About Zoesis Studios
Zoesis Studios, located in Newton, Massachusetts, develops interactive advertising and entertainment, based on proprietary technology for giving characters minds of their own. The company spun out of a Carnegie Mellon University research project in 1996, receiving financial backing as well as technical collaboration from Fujitsu Limited, one of the largest computer corporations in the world. Further information about Zoesis Studios can be located at www.zoesis.com.

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