2001 Winner:
     Best Children's Site
     Best Use of Technology on the Web

-- 2001 MIMC Awards, Massachusetts Interactive Media Council

"Zoesis has truly original and powerful technology that has the potential to redefine high-impact online branding. Finally, there's something that really enables advertisers to interact with their Web audiences, and to entertain them as well."

-- Paul Silverman, Founding Creative Officer, Mullen Advertising

"OttoAndIris.com is a truly new and exciting form of interactive entertainment. Not only does it incorporate advanced artificial intelligence techniques to create richer characters, but it delivers positive, non-violent play activities that I am pleased to be able to offer my children."

-- Pattie Maes, Associate Professor, MIT Media Laboratory

"Go into the Zoesis Studios'  Web Site and you'll find characters you can believe in, that will entertain you - and that you can entertain too! It's absolutely extraordinary. The interactivity and response mechanisms that are in place with these characters have never been seen before."

-- David How, Professor of Classical Animation, Sheridan College, Toronto

" 'Interactive theater,' a new form of art and entertainment, is just emerging on the Net. [...] Zoesis Studios, [is] helping to lead the way. [...] [These are] amazing animated characters that actually interact with your child in real time."

-- Jinny Gudmundsen, editor of Choosing Children's Software Magazine

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"The Otto and Iris site has blown me away! The usability and navigation is simple and the animation and attention to detail are astonishing. This site proves that you can create fully engaging, immersive interactive worlds on the web."

"The characters are terrific. Very strongly individualized and having a lot of personality!"

"I am attending the US Naval Academy and discovered your site from an article in the New York Times. It is a great stress breaker and my roommates are die-hard Otto fans. We all love it. We now have a following of about a dozen people here at Annapolis."

"My 6 year-old became so enamored with your characters that she made them out of baker's clay. Iris's eye is red because her stripes are going the wrong way."

"This site is very fun and amusing for younger children! My child Kristen, enjoyed it very much and can't wait to see the other areas created. She loved it so much, every day she'll be asking, "Can I go to Otto and Iris now?"

"This site is really great and easy to navigate. Found the info from the NY Times, and think it's a great tool for kids. Will be forwarding this to just about everyone I know. Well Done!"

"Thank you for making this experience fun and entertaining without involving violence. You've done a great job incorporating fun/skills for different age groups."

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