Zoesis (zoeesis) Studios consists of two creative operations: the Living Products advertising group and the Living Characters entertainment group. The capabilities of these groups trace back to 10 years of work by the Zoesis principals in the Computer Science Department and the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. A central facet of Zoesis's art and technology is that of believable agents: animated autonomous creatures which are convincingly alive and so appealing that people fall in love with them and spend time with them again and again. These characters appear to be aware of the user, thoughtful, emotional, motivated, and deeply interactive.

A powerful experience lived can be far more compelling than a powerful experience watched. Zoesis believes a new medium is emerging, based on a deep mixing of artificial intelligence, robotics, character animation, and drama, which is yielding a potent form of art, entertainment, and education. Zoesis is helping create this new medium, and is particularly active in a key application: helping consumer companies, such as Heinz, bring their products to life for on-line brand-based entertainment experiences.

Claims about true synthetic characters have been part of the electronic entertainment industry for decades. Zoesis Studios believes it is among the first to join a deep understanding and love of the art of character-building with world-class computer science research, to give substance to these historically unfulfilled claims.

The company was launched in Pittsburgh in 1996 when Joseph Bates, a professor of Computer Science and Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University, and Bryan Loyall, Scott Neal Reilly, and Peter Weyhrauch, leading Ph.D. researchers in this field, founded the company along with several key artists. The company moved to Boston in 1997, where it continues to advance and roll out its unique art/technology for interactive advertising and entertainment. The company received financial backing as well as technical collaboration from Fujitsu Limited, one of the largest computer corporations in the world.

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