Boston Globe: Animation innovations by Scott Kirsner, April 8, 2002
[Zoesis is] doing exciting work that could have a major impact on the entertainment industry.

New York Times: Web Site Offers Cartoons That Interact, With Feeling by John Markoff, September 12, 2000

In an effort to fuse entertainment... and artificial intelligence, [Zoesis] is starting a Web site of interactive cartoon characters imbued with behavior that mimics human emotion.... [They are] seeking to eventually create a new medium of interactive entertainment parallel to television.

Mass High Tech: Newton firm wooing giants with its 'living' products by Patricia Resende, November 19, 2001.

Zoesis is working with Heinz and Popsicle to design animated and interactive characters that bring the product to life....
Zoesis did a market study with NFO Worldwide, part of the InterPublic Group.... It showed an increase in purchase intent from 2 percent to 15 percent, measured five days after exposure to the advertising. It also concluded that children claimed the product as one of their favorites, showing an increase in brand appeal from 32 percent to 42 percent.

Mass High Tech: Company builds character recognition by Patricia Resende, April 16, 2001.

...Think of every food, beverage or product.... Now add emotions and an online presence and you have Zoesis Inc. and its new branding strategy.

USA Today/Gannett: Kids find adventure at interactive sites by Jinny Gudmundsen of Choosing Children's Software, November 9, 2000

"[I]nteractive theater," a new form of art and entertainment, is just emerging on the Net. We appear to be heading into an interactive revolution.... Zoesis Studios, [is] helping to lead the way.... [Zoesis] has created amazing animated characters that actually interact with your child in real time.... Don't be deterred by its permission window.... In the world presented by Zoesis, letters of the alphabet appear to be alive. Each letter is an animated character that has its own well-developed personality.... [I]t is amazing to discover how many emotions [Otto] can express.... Both characters host their own games and play tag with the player. Letters respond to the movements of the player, making the player an active participant in this artificial world.

Boston Herald: Newton's Zoesis pioneers friendly interactive storytelling technology by Stephanie Schorow, March 27, 2001.

Otto is a dear--even if he is a little goofy. ...I really like playing ball with Otto because he's so funny when he misses and crashes into the wall. ...This might not sound much different than a hundred other Web sites. But Zoesis is not a dotcom, it's a pioneer in interactive storytelling.

Net Family News: Living Letters: Notable, delightful, experimental, October 13, 2000

You and your kids have to experience this Web site and its technology to believe it. But watch out, together you might want to become citizens of Letter Land, never to leave. This interactive playground is like nothing we've seen on the Web yet, and it's utterly delightful. Iris and Otto (the "I" and "O") are your hosts and playmates in Letter Land. ...Otto, "the round mound of sound," is an opera singer. He's a little slow but very lovable. Iris, a pronoun as well as a letter, a fashion-conscious one to boot, is the fastest letter in the alphabet, believing that most of her peers are like "super-crunchy peanut butter sliding uphill."

Focus: Bit-Lächeln im Buchstabenland, October 9, 2000. Not currently available online.